Rvlt Annual Report


The purpose of this app is to ease the process of creating an annual report, from the monthly reports provided, for tax reporting, or just for personal records.

Good to know

  • Uploaded reports are sent to the server over an SSL.
  • In case of an error, the report will be saved on the server to help us solve the issue. After that, we will delete the report.
  • The final report is automatically generated and sent to you, without being saved on the server.
  • I have nothing to gain from this project (except donations) and I have no affiliation with Revolut or other entity.

How do I use?

Follow the steps:

  1. Download a CSV report with all the transactions (first select the oldest month+year and then the latest one).
  2. Upload the downloaded report in section Upload reports from below.
  3. Click on the 'Generate report' button and after a few moments, the report will be downloaded automatically or you will be asked where to save it.
  4. If a problem occurs, a fairly explicit error message will be displayed from which to figure out what to do. If you are confused, please send me the error message at the email address here Contact


This application does not provide financial advice in any way. The results offered after processing uploaded reports do not guarantee 100% accuracy, so the user is required to check by own means the results received before using them for reporting purposes to the tax authorities.

I do not assume any responsibility for any damage caused by the use of the results provided.

Upload report

Upload the report

Output type:
Calculation method: (check a professional accountant for your country)

Generated reports: 119

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Ways to donate:

Using Revolut(preferred) by using the next link: revolut.me/gabrielm29
Use your phone to access the link! And please write in the note that it's a donation.
Using PayPal:

What do I find in the report?

The Excel report contains 3 spreadsheets as follows:

  1. Summary Where you find what is strictly necessary spplitted by month and year: Profit, Loss, Fees paid to Revolut, PnL = Profit - Loss.

    On the left side you can find the calculations in $ and on the right side in user base currency.
    The fees paid to Revolut are already included in the calculation of Profit and Loss.
  2. Detailed The BUY/SELL transactions as they appear in the Revolut reports, with extra information, computed in user native currency and some coloring.
  3. Dividends Dividend transactions.


If you have any questions, concerns, problems or simply want to send me your best wishes, you can contact me at the following email address: